To start the setup process, insert the Office CD in your CD-ROM drive. The setup dialog box appears automatically. When prompted, Office Setup Product Key and user information, accept the license agreement, and then choose the desired installation option (descriptions of each option are provided onscreen). User information appears on users’ computers in the About box (Help menu) in Office applications.

When a user installs Office from an administrative installation point; Setup uses the organization name you specify without prompting the user. Because you must enter the 25-character Office Setup Product Key  when you create an administrative installation point, users are not prompted for a product key when they run Setup from an administrative image, nor are they required to activate the key. A clean installation of the basic set of Office XP Professional or Premium applications with standard options requires about 284MB of free disk space. Installing only Access 2002 with standard options a month before releasing the product. The 25-character Office Setup Product Key  you enter determines whether Office runs in normal or subscription mode … If not, navigate to the root folder of the CD-ROM and double-click Setup.exe to start the installer. If the support files for the current version of Office setup you can check the details.

Office Setup Product Key

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Office Setup Product Key is a combination of 25 alpha-numeric characters(Office Setup Product Key ) and is printed on the back side of your Card. Submit your information, then sign in with your Office Account, create a new account if you don’t have one. Use your Office Account for everything you do with Office..

To make you understand better, here is a sample key: xx3xx-x3xxx-3xxxx-xxx3x-xxxx3

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